Rain in Reno

(©Art by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

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Here’s a drawn NewsFlash from Lillian for this past Memorial Day weekend. It does rain here every once in a while; but, this carried on for days. So, Lillian decided to draw a picture to document this newsworthy event. The picture depicts the view of our backyard from inside the house – it’s pretty darn accurate!

I Wish for Fairy Wings

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“Your turn. What did you wish for?”, Lillian asked me. This was just after she told me what she had wished for on the new dream catcher that her Pappaw Frank just bought her in Lake Tahoe. I was getting Lillian to bed and she stopped me and said we had to make wishes to the dream catcher before she went to bed. So, we did. Then she wanted each of us to share what we had wished.

She turned her back to me, pointed to her back and said “I wished for fairy wings”. I don’t know about any of you; but, that just melted my heart. Oh, and what did Mom wish for? Happiness . . . Simply Happiness.

(©Art by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

I Want to be the Tooth Fairy

Lillian has decided she wants to be the tooth fairy when she grows up. I was telling someone this the other day and they said remind her that there are all kinds of fairies and she doesn’t have to be a tooth fairy to be a fairy. So, I was telling her she could be any kind of fairy she would like. I was naming things like flower fairy or book fairy. Her eyes lit up when I said Book Fairy. So, she decided she would like to be a Book Fairy and we will write a book or two about Book Fairies!

(Update) Lillian is now considering being a Flower Fairy also!

Be aware of the child in your life’s likes and dislikes and help them Discover Their Gift!

I Really Want to Fly

Here’s another short story from Lillian. She is way too busy playing and being a 6 year old to enter it herself; so, Mom’s helping out. She wrote this one last night on the laptop and then she decided to handwrite it also.


1 2



I did not edit the story – this is how she typed it. I think everyone can figure out what she is conveying.

Choose today to help the children in your life Discover Their Gift.

Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society – Overcoming the Obstacles

How Many Headaches Can You Have At Once?

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

Today at Lillian‘s school they had a fire drill. This got Lillian very worried and she absolutely did not like the loud noise (she does not like loud noises). Also, it has starting getting warm here and Lillian got a little overheated during recess. After both of these incidents Lillian typed in her Dynavox unit for the teachers that she had 13 headaches! I thought that qualified for a Lillian NewsFlash!

No worries, though, by the time I picked her up at the end of the school day; she said all of her headaches were gone!

Fishing Grandma and Fishing Grandpa

Here’s Lillian’s latest NewsFlash. (She typed this one on the computer.) It says:

May 22, 2008. News: And grandma & grandpa. Is coming in may 22, 2008. And I have a spelling bee. Wow!

She spelled all 100 of the spelling words correctly and received a great medal she is so proud of that she wore it 2 days in a row.

Lillian’s grandparents from Washington are visiting next weekend and she is very excited. When she was very young we had to determine a way to differentiate between the grandparents. So, Joyce and Phil became known as fishing grandma and grandpa with the sign language for fish thrown in front of grandma and grandpa. Otherwise; we didn’t know which grandparents she was talking about!

A Peaceful and Happy Place

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

I arranged for the author of The Secret of the Wizard’s Wand, Terry Lowey, to read her book to Lillian’s 1st grade class this morning. After reading the book to them she had them use their imagination and draw a picture of a peaceful and happy place. Terry’s book teaches kids that they have control of their thoughts and can choose to change their thoughts. Lillian drew a picture of her house. It was absolutely heart warming to see what the children drew. Especially the children who drew pictures of their grandparent’s house – talk about a tear jerker!

Deep Down Hurt Your Chest Laughter

Every night before Lillian goes to sleep I do what we call “Happy Thoughts“. About a year and a half ago Lillian was having problems falling asleep. So, I began reviewing a few happy thoughts with her to help her fall asleep. We always do 4 of them (had to stop it somewhere or we’d be up all night).

Tonight when we got to the 3rd happy thought; for some reason Lillian decided to talk about names. She said her 3 names as she calls it – First, Middle and Last, then mine, then Thomas’ and then she wanted to know the cats 3 names. I told her Cinamon only had 1 name. Well, that was not acceptable. So, our cat’s new name is Cinamon Paige Darnell.

Now, for the 4th happy thought, I could not for the life of me figure out what she was saying (remember her speech is mostly unintelligible). So, she decided to spell out the word with sign language. She got out E, L, O, M and that was it. I was thinking what the heck is Elom. So, she spelled it again and after ELO I said “Electric Light Orchestra”. Now, I know it may not seem funny to you; but, I desperately have been needing to have some true, authentic laughter and that just did it. I’m thinking, here I am, past her bedtime, trying to figure what happy thought #4 is and she is spelling out ELO. Lillian was laughing really hard, too, and at the same time trying to say “stop” and do the sign for stop. Anyway, after many more minutes she did the sign language for cat and I finally figured out she wanted to give 3 names to my Mom’s cat. And she was trying to spell his 1st name – ELWOOD!! So, Mom and Frank, your cat’s new name is Elwood Arthur Romano.

I just thought I would share this with everyone; because it was a special gift to me tonight to be able to laugh so darn hard with my beautiful little fairy that it made my chest hurt!

What Does Old Mean?

Thomas, Lillian’s little brother (2 1/2 years old), and I were reading a picture book about Delivery Trucks tonight. There were pictures of the first delivery trucks which were horse and buggy style. I said, “That’s a really old delivery truck.” Lillian asked “What does that mean?” I tried a couple of different explanations and they didn’t sound right or help her understand. So, what’s your explanation? Let me hear it – I told her I would have to think about that one some more!

Remember Being a Kid?

I Have a Bad Day

Here’s another Lillian NewsFlash for everyone. Her and her little brother, Thomas, were not getting along Saturday morning at all. So, she had to write a little note about it . . .

It says, “I have a bad day”. Anyway, the day did get better because Mom took them to the library and a very FUN birthday party later that day at our local Jump Man Jump!

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