The Storm is Coming

The wind was blowing the other day at a pretty good rate and Lillian decided to write a story. I asked if we could share it with all of you, so here it is! Again, I am not editing her grammar and punctuation!

The Storm is Coming – By Lillian

Oh! It is rain!

Oh! Frank! There’s storm is coming

There’s a cat up the tree.

Oh! Know.

The storm stopped.

But was little bit of storm is left.

Oh! The justred (still haven’t figured out what word she meant here). Storm is gone now!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

They are having the party now!

The End!

(Copyright © 2008 Pink Elephant Books – All Rights Reserved)

Below is a picture Lillian drew another time the wind was kickin’ it up.

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

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Pappaw Knows Everything

Here’s a Lillian NewsFlash for everyone! Pappaw Frank knows everything! I can’t remember what we were talking about; but, I thought this was newsworthy. I sure do remember thinking this about my grandparents when I was Lillian’s age. At some point thinking they knew everything faded; but, I tell you what as you get older you realize just how wise they are and were!!

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Mindmapping What Thomas Likes

(Click on image to enlarge)

A couple of months ago I read David Allen‘s book Getting Things Done. It was packed full of useful information and has helped me get clarity and focus with every project on which I work. One of the suggestions in his book is to Mindmap (brainstorm).

Lillian observed me doing this in which I draw a circle in the middle of a blank page with lines extending from it. She has taken to doing her own mindmapping; so, I thought I would share her mindmap for what Thomas (her little brother) likes. Enjoy!

A Crab Bit Me

Time for another Lillian NewsFlash! As I was putting her sunscreen on this morning I noticed a small bug bite on her arm. It was just a small red bump; so, I thought it was maybe a mosquito bite. When I picked Lillian up from camp it had gotten much worse looking. I decided it had to be a spider bite. I got home; looked on the internet (WebMD) and at the same time called the doctor’s office. They had us come in and it is in fact a spider bite with a staph infection. All is okay – we have the antibiotics and the doctor circled the area so I could be sure to watch for it to recede.

So, what is Lillian’s NewsFlash. She was bitten by a crab; not a spider. If anyone happens to come across that crab; catch him for us so we can take a bite outta him right back!!

(I must add that I am so proud and humbled my Lillian and her bravery. She is just such the BRAVE little trooper – with the biggest most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen – even with a throbbing spider bite on her arm!)

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