Mindmapping Lillian Stuff

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Here’s another Lillian Darnell Mindmap to share. She mindmapped this last April and I just came across it again. This one is titled “Lillian’s Stuff”.

Mom and Lillian

I like red

I like draw

I like books.

I like snow.

She really has a blast doing this. I have another 1 or 2 in the Lillian pile (the pile is actually quit large)!! How about anyone else out there? Are you getting buried alive with your precious one’s artwork and creations? Any tips or creative uses you use or have come across? Thanks for sharing!

Happy Birthday Poem

(©Written & Designed by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

I was going through papers tonight and came across the birthday card Lillian made for me last February. I had intended on putting it on the site long before this, but it got lost in the Lillian pile. Lillian wrote the poem and designed the card on her own using my mom’s computer.

Happy birthday

I Love you

I Like your circle

thank you


Lillian and thomas

by Lillian by thomas

That has got to be the most beautiful birthday poem ever written! What do ya’ll think? Have one of your own you’d like to share? Please do – we would love to read them.

Hug Your Kids Today

We had an incredible speaker at the last eWomen dinner last Wednesday, August 20, 2008. Her name is Michelle Nichols and she is a Reno, Nevada mom. She founded the “Hug Your Kids Today” Project and I wanted to let all of you know about this if you are not aware of it and to remind you if you are!

Michelle has written a beautiful book entitled Hug Your Kids Today! 5 Key Lessons for Every Working Parent which gives more of her history and how this project came to life and most important why it began. Please make sure to visit the Hug Your Kids Today website to learn more and support this very important and worthy project.

Chromosome 18 Research & Registry – Overcoming the Obstacles

Thank You Pappaw Robert

This is a special thank you to pappaw Robert for his birthday gift to Lillian. I had asked family members if they wanted to contribute towards this gift for Lillian in my last family email newsletter. My very awesome daddy, Robert Downs, volunteered to buy it and all the accessories for her. Thank you so much daddy!

He bought her the pink Asus Eee PC with a pink carrying case and a pink mouse. Lillian is already a whiz at using it. She’s had it for about 2 weeks now. I showed her the main page and she took off from there.

We both must make a wish every night before she goes to sleep. I cannot understand what she is saying when she tells me her wish (we must also share what we wished). I have her type her wish into the Asus and we take it to bed with her. When it’s time to share wishes I just have to look at what she typed. We were using the Dynavox unit for this; but, it is so heavy and doesn’t have an easy method for saving. By using the Asus I can save her wishes because they are so extra special – it’s kind of like a journal for her.

Here are some pictures of Lillian using it the morning after receiving it and some pictures of the case and mouse. Click on any of the links above to learn more about the PC, carrying case or mouse.

Thank You Heidi Nel and Cindi

I made a beautiful and heartfelt connection with a “heavenly” woman at the eWomen conference in Dallas last month.

Heidi is the Heidi behind Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies out of Atlanta Georgia. She sat down next to me for lunch on Friday and we began talking about blogs and the connections one can make online. Our conversation turned to Lillian and fairies and we experienced an amazing connection.

Heidi shared our conversation with her sister Cindi and we all ran into each other Friday night at the Nordstrom’s VIP event. We had a blast talking with each other. The next day Cindi went to the bookstore and bought the 2 books in the video for Lillian. The thought was even more emphasized as Cindi is friends with the woman who illustrates the fairies in these great books.

Hope everyone enjoys the “Thank You” as Heidi and Cindi’s sentiment and actions meant so very much to Lillian and I.

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The Girl Named Etozes

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

Thought we’d share another of Lillian’s short stories with everyone.


The girl named Etozes and she is 3 years old and she likes fairys.

And she don’t like pust-up (I asked Lillian what she meant here – she meant “throwing up”).

And she like to be marry too!

And she is happy that good Stost took good Etozes was marryed the very next day.

And they were ever (she meant never) lost again.

And they live happyily ever after.

The End

(©Pink Elephant Books – All Rights Reserved)

As usual I took this straight from Lillian’s writing and left in typos and grammar mistakes. Hope everyone enjoyed this cute little story about Etozes & Stost. By the way, Lillian makes up these names. I ask her every time where the names come from and she points to here head!

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Thank you Barb Hranilovich

I have connected with a multi-talented and wonderful woman through my StartUp Ladies site. Her name is Barb Hranilovich and she is one awesome lady. Lillian and I made this “Thank You” video just for her.

The fairy house in the video is very special as Barb makes them. She visited our Pink Elephant Books site and saw how much Lillian likes fairies! Hope ya’ll enjoy the “Thank You”; especially you, Barb!

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Once Upon A Time

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

While we were camping this past weekend Lillian wrote a short story. She did this completely on her own and was very proud of herself.

Toest Tost

Once upon a time a girl named Toest and she liked to be marryed and the boy’s name was Tost and Tost did say: yes.

And then a baby was here and the baby’s name was Askee.

And they live Happiy ever after.

The end.

(© 2008 Pink Elephant Books – All Rights Reserved)

This is exactly as Lillian wrote it. I did not correct for grammar or spelling. Lillian had a ball getting dirty while camping so we’ll write an article about that and include some pictures next week.

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