Santa Clause

(©Artwork by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

Christmas newspaper.

(©Artwork by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

Christmas is one more day.

The End!

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Butter Have to be Eaten Real Fast

(©Artwork by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

Becase it will melt but i don’t like butter!

The End!

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Tomorrow is Andrew Macus’s Birthday Party

  1. So we need:Scooby-Doo snacks.
  2. chashews
  3. milk
  4. jucie
  5. mix
  6. 10 minutes
  7. mix/ see
  8. eat
  9. Enoying eating on the 23th! Thank you!

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I am

7 years old.

old. And my mom is 21 years old.And my

dad is 22

years old.



is 3

years old.

Thank You Alice Heiman

Thank you for that Pixie Purse thanks very very much expect that Pixie fairy doll with fairy dust and i am cute and pretty!

Lillian Darnell

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Thank You Charlie Pabst

Lillian and I recorded this thank you back in August and I’m just now getting it online! We wanted to thank Charlie with Charfish Design for his hard work and awesome job on the Pink Elephant Books and Pink Elephant Style logo. Thanks Charlie – Lillian and I very much appreciate it!

Bad Cat

Creepy cat wants to hunt so he found some mice

so the cat chased all the mice

ate them all up.Mmmm!

(©All Rights Reserved 2008 – Pink Elephant Books)

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Butterflys Can’t Jump

Hello everyone! We have another Lillian Darnell post for you today. From this point forward most posts will be from Lillian with mom, Camilla Downs, chiming in here and there. Enjoy!

All butterflys only can fly” not like a jelly bean not any kind of bean.

They like butterfly bush in the flowters.” And we like butterflys

very much!

And we are gonna to thank them. And we like them. And we have thank them too!

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