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Butterflys Can’t Jump

Hello everyone! We have another Lillian Darnell post for you today. From this point forward most posts will be from Lillian with mom, Camilla Downs, chiming in here and there. Enjoy!

All butterflys only can fly” not like a jelly bean not any kind of bean.

They like butterfly bush in the flowters.” And we like butterflys

very much!

And we are gonna to thank them. And we like them. And we have thank them too!

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What Does Old Mean?

Thomas, Lillian’s little brother (2 1/2 years old), and I were reading a picture book about Delivery Trucks tonight. There were pictures of the first delivery trucks which were horse and buggy style. I said, “That’s a really old delivery truck.” Lillian asked “What does that mean?” I tried a couple of different explanations and they didn’t sound right or help her understand. So, what’s your explanation? Let me hear it – I told her I would have to think about that one some more!

Remember Being a Kid?

Sleep Tight – Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

(©Photo by Camilla – All Rights Reserved)

When I tucked Lillian into bed tonight I said to her the above – Sleep TightDon’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite. She said “How come you said that?” and I told her just because my Mom used to tell me that when she tucked me into bed. She said “Why?”.

I told her to let me think about it and see if I could come up with an answer. How about you? Does anyone remember being tucked into bed with this saying or does anyone tell their kids this? We would love to hear from everyone (especially me so I can answer her question). Also, let us know if you ever asked your parent why they said this or if your kids have asked you.

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