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Dinosuras are not real and they will not  be able

to walk and eat, shark teeth are  dinosureas  also.

one two three four

One 1 Two 2 Three 3  Four 4  Five  5  Six  6

Seven 7 Eight 8 Nine 9 Ten 10 Eleven 11

Twelve 12  Thirteen 13 Fourteen 14


We Moved

We moved upon 2 houses but theres’

some stuff in the refrigerator for us!!

Patty Got Me Some Long Socks

Patty got me a pair of everything.

Your thankful grandma will get you some

long socks.

Wicked Boo of Witch

My old granny told me that story I prenditing to!

The End!

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So if i am a boot someone would wear me!

The End.

©2009 All Rights Reserved – Pink Elephant Books – by Lillian Darnell

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Excerpt from one of Lillian’s books:

Under the sea, merfolk hurried toward King Triton’s place.

Everyone wanted a good seat for the concert.

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“Brazil is a big city and a big state.” The End

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(©2008 Artwork by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

A fork will poke everyone and everyone will be saying ow! The End!

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Christmas newspaper.

(©Artwork by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

Christmas is one more day.

The End!

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