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Fragile and learn animals

hi!! We learning  fragile  boxs!!

A for All

B for Ball

C for Call

D for Dall

E for Eall

F for Fall-fragile

Zebra:White and black

Information about stores

Hi,everybody!!Here’s some information

about stores you might like

  • Tell your grown-ups (or  if  you  already)
  • If they say yes then yes is correct
  • then find it

Fancy Ways (Of doing stuff)

“Attention, everybody!!If someone asked

me,”How do I do fancy ways of doing stuff?

Well here look at these  passgages.” said


So we are start some of our own and I get

the order list ready to do it.

  1. Find anything  so you could draw it
  2. or be creative

Butterflys Can’t Jump

Hello everyone! We have another Lillian Darnell post for you today. From this point forward most posts will be from Lillian with mom, Camilla Downs, chiming in here and there. Enjoy!

All butterflys only can fly” not like a jelly bean not any kind of bean.

They like butterfly bush in the flowters.” And we like butterflys

very much!

And we are gonna to thank them. And we like them. And we have thank them too!

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My Brain Told Me So

I work from home and am sitting at my desk in front of the computer quit a bit. I use file folders often and have a filing cabinet next to my desk. Well, Lillian loves to write her own information on the file folders and file her “paperwork”. Yesterday, she wrote, “Lillian – My Art! I’m pretty good at art!”. I asked her who told her she was good at art and she said “Lillian”; then she added that her brain told her!

I think I’ll use that answer some time when I get asked a question for which I don’t know the answer! Remember Being a Kid?

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