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Mindmapping Lillian Stuff

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Here’s another Lillian Darnell Mindmap to share. She mindmapped this last April and I just came across it again. This one is titled “Lillian’s Stuff”.

Mom and Lillian

I like red

I like draw

I like books.

I like snow.

She really has a blast doing this. I have another 1 or 2 in the Lillian pile (the pile is actually quit large)!! How about anyone else out there? Are you getting buried alive with your precious one’s artwork and creations? Any tips or creative uses you use or have come across? Thanks for sharing!

Mindmapping What Thomas Likes

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A couple of months ago I read David Allen‘s book Getting Things Done. It was packed full of useful information and has helped me get clarity and focus with every project on which I work. One of the suggestions in his book is to Mindmap (brainstorm).

Lillian observed me doing this in which I draw a circle in the middle of a blank page with lines extending from it. She has taken to doing her own mindmapping; so, I thought I would share her mindmap for what Thomas (her little brother) likes. Enjoy!

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