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Call from Hannah Prins

Hey Hannah Prins!! You are gonna say

how am I  gonna get to my URL which is

pink elephant books so um… go click on and when

you get there bold and Italic and you can

Strikethrough and Unorderd List then

you can orderd list and you can also do

the Blockquote  and the Align Left plus

there’s   Align Center and  Align Right and

you can do links if you want like I did.

If you have a another birthday tell me the

name of  the birthday and tell me if I like

this birthday or not.

Your friend,


P.S. Tell me where the party is at.

Happy Birthday Poem

(©Written & Designed by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

I was going through papers tonight and came across the birthday card Lillian made for me last February. I had intended on putting it on the site long before this, but it got lost in the Lillian pile. Lillian wrote the poem and designed the card on her own using my mom’s computer.

Happy birthday

I Love you

I Like your circle

thank you


Lillian and thomas

by Lillian by thomas

That has got to be the most beautiful birthday poem ever written! What do ya’ll think? Have one of your own you’d like to share? Please do – we would love to read them.

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