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A Girl is Happy

Finally got Lillian online. Showed her where to go to “Write a Post” and she went to town!! She already has about 7 posts lined up for everyone, so stay tuned. The only part I had in this was adding the image. Have Fun and Enjoy!

(All Rights Reserved – Artwork by Lillian Darnell)

” A girl was happy” all sundley their was a strange sound came from outside.

She wasn’t happy after all she was sad until she found a fairy.

Eve was a fairy. And then she was mean to Eve! And Eve was mean Eve! Stop!!

A little man saved her! And they got married the very next day.

They where happy again untill they heard a gost eatting some candy.

Eve was scared his name is Hsi Gialse was scared too!.

So I come to the rescue!

Lillian flyed back to their home where they going!

And they ate their dinner togther!

Super Lillian went home!

A big fox came to eat! And he said:mmm!

A son saved them! The End!

By: Lillian Paige Darnell.

(All rights Reserved – Story by Lillian)

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The Turkey Tum

(©Artwork by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

Hey there! Time for a very short turkey story from Lillian. As in the past I’ll leave it as she wrote it.

The Turkey Tum

Once upon a ago there was a turkey name Tum and liked to eat cheese. The End.

Hope you enjoyed Lillian’s story. We just got a wireless router so we’ll have it set up so she can use her laptop to write her own entries. She has many other stories, I have just been so busy I haven’t had time to get them entered. So, hopefully, she can help get us caught up!

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The Girl Named Etozes

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

Thought we’d share another of Lillian’s short stories with everyone.


The girl named Etozes and she is 3 years old and she likes fairys.

And she don’t like pust-up (I asked Lillian what she meant here – she meant “throwing up”).

And she like to be marry too!

And she is happy that good Stost took good Etozes was marryed the very next day.

And they were ever (she meant never) lost again.

And they live happyily ever after.

The End

(©Pink Elephant Books – All Rights Reserved)

As usual I took this straight from Lillian’s writing and left in typos and grammar mistakes. Hope everyone enjoyed this cute little story about Etozes & Stost. By the way, Lillian makes up these names. I ask her every time where the names come from and she points to here head!

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Once Upon A Time

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

While we were camping this past weekend Lillian wrote a short story. She did this completely on her own and was very proud of herself.

Toest Tost

Once upon a time a girl named Toest and she liked to be marryed and the boy’s name was Tost and Tost did say: yes.

And then a baby was here and the baby’s name was Askee.

And they live Happiy ever after.

The end.

(© 2008 Pink Elephant Books – All Rights Reserved)

This is exactly as Lillian wrote it. I did not correct for grammar or spelling. Lillian had a ball getting dirty while camping so we’ll write an article about that and include some pictures next week.

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The Storm is Coming

The wind was blowing the other day at a pretty good rate and Lillian decided to write a story. I asked if we could share it with all of you, so here it is! Again, I am not editing her grammar and punctuation!

The Storm is Coming – By Lillian

Oh! It is rain!

Oh! Frank! There’s storm is coming

There’s a cat up the tree.

Oh! Know.

The storm stopped.

But was little bit of storm is left.

Oh! The justred (still haven’t figured out what word she meant here). Storm is gone now!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

They are having the party now!

The End!

(Copyright © 2008 Pink Elephant Books – All Rights Reserved)

Below is a picture Lillian drew another time the wind was kickin’ it up.

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

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I Really Want to Fly

Here’s another short story from Lillian. She is way too busy playing and being a 6 year old to enter it herself; so, Mom’s helping out. She wrote this one last night on the laptop and then she decided to handwrite it also.


1 2



I did not edit the story – this is how she typed it. I think everyone can figure out what she is conveying.

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A Plant is Growing

a little plant is growing and its a bump bump!Some plants made of of wood.The end

mrs.roskey & mrs.taylor

Another short story by Lillian. She wrote this a couple or few weeks ago. When she got home from school today she asked to put an entry on her site and we chose this one (and she’s still suffering from that darn stomach virus).

Remember Being a Kid?

The Bear Eats Bees

Once upon

the there

a bear




the bees.And rrrr!And he did!The end!

This short story brought to you by Lillian – I did not edit and will most likely not edit her posts. She wrote this one over the weekend. I was busy with who knows what; she brought the story to me and asked me to staple it together along the edges. I thought it was wonderful – Remember Being a Kid?

If I can figure out how to get her entire written story uploaded (instead of only the 1st page) I’ll get that posted as well.

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