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My speech

Hi y´all!! We are here to make puppets.A

puppet is funny and fun.

Fragile and learn animals

hi!! We learning  fragile  boxs!!

A for All

B for Ball

C for Call

D for Dall

E for Eall

F for Fall-fragile

Zebra:White and black

Information about stores

Hi,everybody!!Here’s some information

about stores you might like

  • Tell your grown-ups (or  if  you  already)
  • If they say yes then yes is correct
  • then find it

Fancy Ways (Of doing stuff)

“Attention, everybody!!If someone asked

me,”How do I do fancy ways of doing stuff?

Well here look at these  passgages.” said


So we are start some of our own and I get

the order list ready to do it.

  1. Find anything  so you could draw it
  2. or be creative

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