The angel’s  name is: Anut Crackerless

and she look’s  like she is sad  and you do know, why?

Well let’s ask Anut if she knows, why.

She fell  down,I  think.  Ouch!

Will we solve the problem?

The End.

©2009 All rights reserved – Pink Elephant Books – Story by Lillian Darnell

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Live Light

©2009 All rights reserved – Pink Elephant Books – Artwork by Lillian Darnell

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Ted is Fast

Oh, boy Ted is fast.

Meet,Ted  everyone!

But we are really  know  Ted!

And Ted has a bike.

If you are on online…You  can  see   Ted  on  online  on  your  website  and  it   is  a  story!

The End

©2009 Pink Elephant Books – Story by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved

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So if i am a boot someone would wear me!

The End.

©2009 All Rights Reserved – Pink Elephant Books – by Lillian Darnell

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Excerpt from one of Lillian’s books:

Under the sea, merfolk hurried toward King Triton’s place.

Everyone wanted a good seat for the concert.

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A Pretty Ghost

(©2009 Artwork by Lillian Darnell- All Rights Reserved)

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“Brazil is a big city and a big state.” The End

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Guitar Playing Lillian

Thought everyone would enjoy these pictures.  Lillian wants to learn to play the piano and the guitar.  She got a keyboard and guitar for Christmas and this was our New Year’s Eve celebration with my Mom, Patty Romano, and step-father, Frank Romano.

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(©2008 Artwork by Lillian Darnell – All Rights Reserved)

A fork will poke everyone and everyone will be saying ow! The End!

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