My speech

Hi y´all!! We are here to make puppets.A

puppet is funny and fun.

Mrs.Off Rice Story

My mom told me to tell her a story and I

gulped out and breathed so I sarted saying the story: Mrs.Off Rice got out her papers out and she sarted to grade the papers.

And Mrs.O wrote Awesome on each piece of paper.

The End I told my mom.

Fragile and learn animals

hi!! We learning  fragile  boxs!!

A for All

B for Ball

C for Call

D for Dall

E for Eall

F for Fall-fragile

Zebra:White and black

Information about stores

Hi,everybody!!Here’s some information

about stores you might like

  • Tell your grown-ups (or  if  you  already)
  • If they say yes then yes is correct
  • then find it

Fancy Ways (Of doing stuff)

“Attention, everybody!!If someone asked

me,”How do I do fancy ways of doing stuff?

Well here look at these  passgages.” said


So we are start some of our own and I get

the order list ready to do it.

  1. Find anything  so you could draw it
  2. or be creative

Call from Hannah Prins

Hey Hannah Prins!! You are gonna say

how am I  gonna get to my URL which is

pink elephant books so um… go click on and when

you get there bold and Italic and you can

Strikethrough and Unorderd List then

you can orderd list and you can also do

the Blockquote  and the Align Left plus

there’s   Align Center and  Align Right and

you can do links if you want like I did.

If you have a another birthday tell me the

name of  the birthday and tell me if I like

this birthday or not.

Your friend,


P.S. Tell me where the party is at.

DOL at 8:04+math

Mrs. Darnell said to me,”Let’s watch Dora”!!
Mr. Steve said,”Oops.”

Facts with blogs


Some games are bad & good!

The End.

Rain hurts My tummy hurt ’cause it’s like crazy

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