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Where are Camilla and Lillian?

Hey y’all! Where did we disappear to? Just an update to let you know that Lillian now blogs at her Lillian Darnell website and I blog at my Camilla Downs website. Lillian’s six year old brother, Thomas, is now blogging at his Thomas Darnell website. Finally, we have a Team TLC website where you can follow all three of us!

We’ve also been working hard on the 501(c)3 I founded, the Turning Views Foundation. You can learn even more about it at the Different iz Good website which is the slogan for Turning Views Foundation.

Come on over and visit either one of us at our websites! We’d love to see you over there y’all!

Mrs.Off Rice Story

My mom told me to tell her a story and I

gulped out and breathed so I sarted saying the story: Mrs.Off Rice got out her papers out and she sarted to grade the papers.

And Mrs.O wrote Awesome on each piece of paper.

The End I told my mom.

DOL at 8:04+math

Mrs. Darnell said to me,”Let’s watch Dora”!!
Mr. Steve said,”Oops.”


Some games are bad & good!

The End.

Rain hurts My tummy hurt ’cause it’s like crazy


I really love to spell|!



Constestents from a Rainbow

I like rainbows ’cause it’s important.

Friends I Know

Friends I know are:Page…Abby.

Oh boy it is Time

oh joy


I!!I!!I!!12345678910!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!! I did


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