A Crab Bit Me

Time for another Lillian NewsFlash! As I was putting her sunscreen on this morning I noticed a small bug bite on her arm. It was just a small red bump; so, I thought it was maybe a mosquito bite. When I picked Lillian up from camp it had gotten much worse looking. I decided it had to be a spider bite. I got home; looked on the internet (WebMD) and at the same time called the doctor’s office. They had us come in and it is in fact a spider bite with a staph infection. All is okay – we have the antibiotics and the doctor circled the area so I could be sure to watch for it to recede.

So, what is Lillian’s NewsFlash. She was bitten by a crab; not a spider. If anyone happens to come across that crab; catch him for us so we can take a bite outta him right back!!

(I must add that I am so proud and humbled my Lillian and her bravery. She is just such the BRAVE little trooper – with the biggest most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen – even with a throbbing spider bite on her arm!)

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