The Girl Named Etozes

(©Artwork by Lillian – All Rights Reserved)

Thought we’d share another of Lillian’s short stories with everyone.


The girl named Etozes and she is 3 years old and she likes fairys.

And she don’t like pust-up (I asked Lillian what she meant here – she meant “throwing up”).

And she like to be marry too!

And she is happy that good Stost took good Etozes was marryed the very next day.

And they were ever (she meant never) lost again.

And they live happyily ever after.

The End

(©Pink Elephant Books – All Rights Reserved)

As usual I took this straight from Lillian’s writing and left in typos and grammar mistakes. Hope everyone enjoyed this cute little story about Etozes & Stost. By the way, Lillian makes up these names. I ask her every time where the names come from and she points to here head!

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