Thank You Heidi Nel and Cindi

I made a beautiful and heartfelt connection with a “heavenly” woman at the eWomen conference in Dallas last month.

Heidi is the Heidi behind Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies out of Atlanta Georgia. She sat down next to me for lunch on Friday and we began talking about blogs and the connections one can make online. Our conversation turned to Lillian and fairies and we experienced an amazing connection.

Heidi shared our conversation with her sister Cindi and we all ran into each other Friday night at the Nordstrom’s VIP event. We had a blast talking with each other. The next day Cindi went to the bookstore and bought the 2 books in the video for Lillian. The thought was even more emphasized as Cindi is friends with the woman who illustrates the fairies in these great books.

Hope everyone enjoys the “Thank You” as Heidi and Cindi’s sentiment and actions meant so very much to Lillian and I.

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