A Girl is Happy

Finally got Lillian online. Showed her where to go to “Write a Post” and she went to town!! She already has about 7 posts lined up for everyone, so stay tuned. The only part I had in this was adding the image. Have Fun and Enjoy!

(All Rights Reserved – Artwork by Lillian Darnell)

” A girl was happy” all sundley their was a strange sound came from outside.

She wasn’t happy after all she was sad until she found a fairy.

Eve was a fairy. And then she was mean to Eve! And Eve was mean Eve! Stop!!

A little man saved her! And they got married the very next day.

They where happy again untill they heard a gost eatting some candy.

Eve was scared his name is Hsi Gialse was scared too!.

So I come to the rescue!

Lillian flyed back to their home where they going!

And they ate their dinner togther!

Super Lillian went home!

A big fox came to eat! And he said:mmm!

A son saved them! The End!

By: Lillian Paige Darnell.

(All rights Reserved – Story by Lillian)

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